GDPR Training

Our GDPR Awareness training is designed for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of GDPR principles and how to apply them. The course is useful for Data Owners (Heads of Department), Senior Management (Risk Owners) and those responsible for handling personal data.

The course agenda is below:

  1. Introductions
  2. GDPR structure – What is GDPR and how is it structured?
  3. Key differences between GDPR and Data Protection
  4. GDPR requirements, implications and associated risks
  5. 12 steps to compliance:
  6. Awareness Campaign
  7. Information You Hold
  8. Communicating Privacy Notices/Policies
  9. Individual Rights
  10. Subject Access Requests
  11. Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data
  12. Consent
  13. Children
  14. Data Breaches
  15. Data Protection by Design and DPIA
  16. Data Protection Officer
  17. International
  18. Key roles and responsibilities – Who needs to do what in order to maintain compliance?
  19. Risk management for personal data – How do you manage personal information?
  20. Development of a governance structure to meet compliance – How do you manage ongoing compliance?
  21. Practical sessions, including data mapping
  22. Q&A
  23. Next steps/action plan

GDPR courses are delivered remotely over Microsoft Teams.

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