Cyber Security as a Service

Our Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) goes beyond a business relationship, providing a true partnership with your organisation. It delivers a managed cyber security service that is tailored to your business needs, your exposure to cyber risk and your technical environment. Outsourcing your cyber security to our experts allows you to focus on your core activities.

A typical engagement has the following key steps:

• Discovery – a key stage of the service designed to understand your security concerns to allow us to tailor your CSaaS.

• Onboarding – this can include a cyber health check/gap analysis to provide a ‘posture check’ for your organisation. We then build a roadmap for the CSaaS with key goals for the contract period (1, 2, or 3 years).

• Service Improvement – this is where we provide consultancy to build core capability to fill the gaps identified in the Onboarding phase. This could include development of a cyber incident response plan, business continuity plan or risk management processes, awareness training for the senior exec team, development of GDPR/ISO 27001 process and documentation etc.

• Service maintenance – this is the core of the CSaaS where we provide a range of regular services over the contract period such as continuous vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, resilience exercises, red team exercises, phishing assessments, audits, virtual DPO, Virtual CISO, monitoring and alerting.

CSaaS is delivered as a subscription model with fixed monthly costs over the contract period. During this period, our cyber experts operate as an extension of your inhouse team providing ‘critical friend’ support.

Key benefits of Aristi's CSaaS:

• Access to Cyber expertise

• Cheaper than building an inhouse team

• Fixed monthly costs helps with budgeting

• Improves cyber maturity and reduces your exposure to cyber risk

• Scalable – you can add more services as required, or remove services that are no longer needed

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