DPO as a Service

As organisations face increasing challenges when using personal data, GDPR compliance can be complex. The skills required to advise on compliance include a detailed knowledge of the data protection legislation as well as an understanding of information security.

Data breaches and misuse of personal information can threaten client confidence and destroy brand reputation. For many organisations, the cost of employing a permanent Data Protection Officer is prohibitive. This often leads to in-house resources implementing ‘too much’ security, resulting in data security becoming a barrier to business operations, or ‘not enough’ security, resulting in data breaches.

Our DPO as a Service (DPOaaS) provides a ‘critical friend’ to your organisation to provide support and guidance on GDPR and wider data protection including cyber security. You can call your DPO for any GDPR related issue including management of data breaches and liaising with the ICO. The service starts with an assessment of your current GDPR compliance and the development of a remediation action plan to help you to achieve compliance.

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