Testing as a Service

Aristi has developed an innovative new managed cyber security service to give businesses and public sector organisations reassurance that they are doing all they can to defend against hackers. Many organisations conduct annual IT Health Checks to identify security weaknesses in their IT systems. However, a cyber-attack can occur at any time resulting in significant business impact.

Aristi, has developed Testing as a Service (TaaS) which provides continuous testing of your IT systems to identify security weakness which can then be remediated before they are exploited by an attacker over the internet or from within your organisation.

Annual IT Health Checks and penetration testing are a feature of many businesses and public sector organisations. They are important but with cybercrime becoming increasingly common and sophisticated they are often not enough.

Even a thorough annual check is useless if, as is often the case, patches and other measures identified by the check to defend against hackers are not installed.

An annual check with a 12-month gap leaves a huge opportunity for new vulnerabilities to be exposed and exploited by attackers.

TaaS includes a security appliance that sits on your IT network and continuously tests your IT systems for security vulnerabilities. The appliance is monitored by security experts from Aristi headquarters in Birmingham over a secure connection. Monthly reports are produced that detail any vulnerabilities found and provides recommendations that enable organisations to fix problems at an early stage.

TaaS can also test the security of your cloud environments such as Azure and AWS.

TaaS not only gives peace of mind by reducing cyber exposure, it can also be highly cost effective by reducing the time required to fix security issues by spreading this over the year rather than trying to fix a year’s worth of issues in one go following an annual test. It provides assurance to senior management, customers, regulators and insurers that cyber risks are being effectively managed. It also helps to keep personal data safe and comply with GDPR requirements.

TaaS complements annual testing and can help any organisation where IT is critically important.

Key Benefits of TaaS

• Reduces your cyber exposure by continuous identification of security vulnerabilities

• Supports IT remediation activity by verifying that security weaknesses have been fixed

• Helps meet security standards compliance such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials

• Helps to keep personal data safe and meet GDPR requirements

• Managed service with fixed monthly costs allows you to plan your IT Security spend

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