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Posted on Thursday, 04 September 2014

Who’s afraid of an IT Security Review?.

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The truth is that most organisations probably dread an IT security audit – particularly those who have responsibility for IT and data security within an organisation. At Aristi we understand this apprehension and aim to leave a positive legacy that can drive the organisation forward.

IT security audits are essential for any organisation. The work we do across networks, apps and collaborative tools is always changing and often growing. It is likely that you have added more staff, more clients and suppliers since your last audit. Compliance and regulatory requirements have almost certainly been added to or amended.

At Aristi our IT security review services bring together some of our existing services to create an effective results-focussed security audit for your business. As a Trusted Security Advisor we already have a long experience in working with organisations to deliver effective solutions.

The Aristi IT Security Review Services include:

  • Reviewing the overall IT architecture
  • Carrying out risk-based assessment of your current IT
  • Penetration testing of internal and external systems to simulate hacking attempts on networks, websites and applications, in order to discover any security loop-holes that a real hacker could exploit
  • Identifying vulnerabilities that could compromise data held
  • Quantifying the impact of any likely exposure to your organisation in terms of cost and reputation
  • Working across the organisation to assess understanding and compliance
  • Documenting and reviewing security mechanisms
  • Develop procedures, practices and monitoring to help prevent future IT breaches, hacks and failures

Our case studies provide some further insight into our achievements.

To arrange your IT Security Review call 0121 222 5630 or email us.

Rob Jervis is a Cyber Security Consultant at Aristi. Rob has over 14 years’ experience in systems design, installation and administration. Having worked in the IT sector for over 18 years, he is experienced in a wide range of technologies across the public and private sectors. Rob helps clients ensure their systems are secure, through security testing, policy design and consultancy services.


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