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Egress Secure Email Service.

Over one-third of data loss incidents happen at the hands of third parties. When information is shared with customers and external supply chain partners, there is greater risk that it will not be handled with the same care that is used internally. Loss of sensitive data can raise compliance issues, often involves unexpected cleanup costs and invariably leads to damaged business reputation. That is why Egress has been designed to protect and control shared information wherever it goes, however it gets there.

In 2013, Egress became the UK’s first Government CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product. As such, Egress is currently the only CESG approved product for sharing sensitive information up to OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE across the internet inside and outside UK Government.

Security Made Easy

We operate in a market defined by compliance yet driven by convenience. This modern-day paradox has invariably contributed to the proliferation of data loss incidents throughout society. The solution to this problem is clear: in order to successfully embed security into the fabric of business communication it is essential to deliver simple, integrated solutions, designed to make sharing information easy and enforce recipient accountability at all times.

Stay In Control and Maintain Visibility

Egress goes beyond the capabilities of traditional protection. Legacy encryption not only does little to prevent third parties from mishandling shared information, but also proves cumbersome to use, resulting in a breakdown in secure communication.

To address this worldwide challenge, Egress offers an innovative way to secure information distributed by email, CD/DVD, USB, FTP, or HTTP web servers. Do not allow confidential data to fall into the wrong hands. Take back control and maintain visibility at all times!

Secure Large File Transfer

Sharing information between partners and clients demands flexible and robust technology. While email provides a convenient method to transfer small amounts of information, it is often highly restrictive when sharing large amounts of data.

Egress offers complete protection of outbound data, regardless of file size or transport mechanism. Easily secure any confidential information sent by email, burnt to CD/DVD or uploaded to Cloud servers, and avoid ‘point solutions’ that fail to deliver unified control.

Prevent Accidental Data Loss

Sending confidential information to the wrong recipient can result in costly fines and damaged reputation. Using Egress’s patented multi-layered authentication, you can be certain that only authorised users access sensitive data. Combining automated content inspection with a selection of customisable prompts that request additional information from the user, Egress guarantees end-to-end information assurance throughout the lifecycle of shared information.

Flexible Low Cost Infrastructure

Leveraging patented key management and a choice of on-premise or hosted infrastructure, Egress enables you to rapidly deploy encryption throughout your business, without the need for end-user training.

Desktop and Gateway Email Encryption

Sending messages and attachments by email remains the most popular business tool for sharing information. For this reason, confidential data is increasingly sent to unauthorised recipients accidentally, resulting in costly fines and damaged reputations.

Egress provides a unique and transparent way to encrypt email that is simple to use and fast to deploy using integrated desktop, gateway and mobile applications. MS Outlook and Lotus Notes add-ins enable users to send and receive information in the usual manner. The Egress policy engine removes unnecessary decisions, and administrators can configure policies such as enforced encryption based on email address, size, content and type of data. Alternatively, users can be given freedom of choice when sending information externally.

Secure Large File Transfer

Organisations often need to exchange large volumes of information that are too big to be sent by conventional email. Egress integrates transparently with all internet server protocols (FTP(s), HTTP(s), MS SharePoint) to enable users to upload large files to the internet or to local secure servers. Confidential files are encrypted locally, then uploaded via a secure channel to administrator defined server addresses. Recipients are then notified of the secure file location to download. Files downloaded from the secure server still have the added benefit of ’follow the data’ encryption and can be managed in real time like any other Egress file delivery mechanism. Cloud storage is also provided for organisations that want to avoid the cost and infrastructure required to host and manage uploaded information.

Secure Removable Media

Physical media such as CD/DVD and USB flash drives are popular and cost-effective options for exchanging large amounts of information. Egress enables organisations to share information on any type of removable media. The Egress client includes an integrated burning application for securely authoring CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray media. Unlike traditional security products, Egress can provide real-time access control and auditing of physical media.

Features and Benefits Summary

Ease of use

  • Transparently encrypt email message body and attachments at the client, web interface, gateway or mobile device
  • Encrypt information on CD/DVD and USB removable media
  • Upload information securely to the internet (HTTP(s), FTP(s), MS SharePoint)
  • View a full audit of where, when and by whom information has been accessed
  • Fully configurable user interface and recipient experience
  • Supports security classification and disclaimers
  • Egress hosted cloud storage provides ease of use for sharing large files
  • Apps available for Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry


  • Centrally administered user policies
  • Immediately revoke access to data/files, even after
  • Policy controls can enforce encryption based on security classification
  • Policies can be configured based on:
    – Data type, content and location
    – Recipient/classification
    – Size of data/media type
  • Integrates with existing workflow and processes
  • Control who can access the information you send
  • Tiered administration allows delegated management of users and policies at organisation or departmental level

Recipient Experience

  • Simple ‘one-time’ sign-up process
  • Zero footprint web interface provides secure instant access to email and large files
  • Free of charge for recipients to send and receive encrypted data
  • Simple ‘one-click’ application streamlines recipient experience and does not require elevated privileges
  • Free mobile and client applications for integrated access

Security Accreditation

  • Secure authentication and user enrollment
  • Automatic AES 256 bit encryption
  • Utilises FIPS 140-2 certified libraries
  • CESG CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product
  • Accredited data centres to ISO 27001/9001
  • Patent Protected (GB 0806429.7 | US12/353,390 |


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