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Posted on Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How secure is the information you hold?.

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Security and data breaches never seem to be out of the news for long. Banks, retailers and even government departments have not been immune in recent years to massive and highly publicised data breaches. The consequences have been clear – damaged reputations, loss of trust from clients and customers as well as financial penalties in terms of fines and compensation.

Such well publicised reports should be a reminder that such breaches could happen in any organisation – ask yourself ‘exactly how safe is the data we hold?’ At Arisiti we offer a number of services to provide an answer to that question as well as helping you develop practices, procedures and policies to ensure your data and information is as secure as possible.

Information Compliance Plus

Our aim is to ensure organisations meet regulatory Information Compliance at the very least but we also want to develop a ‘Compliance plus’ attitude in your organisation. We want the organisation to understand the importance of data security both to the business and to the clients. We will ensure that IT systems, documentation and procedures are robust and resistant to leaks and breaches.

We can tailor our services for your organisation to ensure we offer business-focussed and cost-effective advice. IT and Security Awareness Training can deliver a company-wide understanding of the importance of data security. Penetration testing will help ensure you meet regulatory Compliance and expose potential vulnerabilities. Our Trusted Advisor Services will help you develop a clear strategy for information security and a positive security culture. We can help ensure any information security controls are applied in a proportionate and appropriate manner based on a risk assessment and are fully integrated into business management to add value to the business throughout the life cycle of the information systems containing the data.

Our ISO/IEC 27001 consultancy service can help you receive the only audit-able standard that provides a framework for establishing an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our objective is to reuse as much of your existing investment in security policies and procedures as possible and our approach is based on working with you to understand what has been achieved to date, update and implement policies and procedures as required to meet the standard, develop an ISMS and implement a security awareness program to enforce compliance.

For more information on our information security and Information Compliance services call 0121 222 5630 or email us.

Rob Jervis is a Cyber Security Consultant at Aristi. Rob has over 14 years’ experience in systems design, installation and administration. Having worked in the IT sector for over 18 years, he is experienced in a wide range of technologies across the public and private sectors. Rob helps clients ensure their systems are secure, through security testing, policy design and consultancy services.


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