Red Team

Our Red Team exercise is a goal-based assessment where we attack just like a real-world adversary using real world techniques to gain access to an agreed target within your IT environment.

The benefit of conducting such an assessment is that it tests your defenders (people) as well as your defences (technology). It also tests your ability to detect and defend against a realistic and relevant attack as we take into account your risk environment and build attack scenarios that are most likely to occur in your business sector.

Many organisations rely on traditional penetration testing to protect IT. Although penetration testing is a key component of a cyber security strategy, it assumes that the attacker has access to your IT environment, has credentials and can run scanning tools undetected. Real world attacks do not occur in this manner so a Red Team exercise can add value to your penetration testing regime.

Our Red Team can also be used to assess your exposure to a ransomware attack. We achieve this through a series of assessments designed to test your processes, technical architecture and ability to respond to such an attack.

A typical engagement could include a review of your security incident response processes, a review of the technical controls in place to detect and defend against ransomware attacks, a desktop exercise to test the processes and a ransomware attack simulation to assess how effectively your people and processes work in a realistic scenario.



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