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About Us.

Our mission

To improve the way you use and manage information and information technology and to ultimately enable your business to achieve its vision, more effectively.

What we do

We look at your entire business to review processes, data, technology and people to identify weaknesses that could expose the business to cyber risks. We embed good security practice in your business so that it becomes normal behavior creating efficiencies and reducing your exposure to cyber risks.

We provide a range or services to help identify risks and develop remediation plans and roadmaps to help mitigate the risks.

We provide managed services to help sustain and manage your information risks including security audits, virtual DPO, penetration tests, vulnerability analysis and proactive monitoring of cyber attacks.

Our consultants have extensive experience of delivering cyber security and data protection consultancy to a wide range of sectors including Health, Defense, Critical National Infrastructure, Housing Associations, Emergency Services, Local & Central Government, Energy, Services sector and Manufacturing.

We have supported our clients to meet data protection legislation (GDPR), ISO standards (ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 9001), security standards (Cyber Essentials, NCSC Minimum Cyber Security Standard, NCSC 10 Steps to Cyber Security) as well as sector specific requirements such as the Public Services Network (PSN) and Emergency Services Network (ESN) codes of connection.

Our wide ranging experience allows us to draw on good practice from across multiple sectors to provide the most appropriate and current advice to you.

How we do it

The purpose of a business is to deliver value to its customers through the provision of services or products. Or, in the case of the public sector, to serve citizens through the delivery of public services. The backdrop to all of this is that most of these business and organisations rely on information and information technology and this introduces risks. Cyber attacks are growing more frequent, sophisticated and damaging.

The danger is that security is applied without thinking about its impact on the business resulting in security becoming a barrier.

Our approach is based on understanding the business purpose (vision and objectives) and aligning security to this so that it enables the business purpose rather than hindering it. We strongly believe that security should be ‘good enough’ to enable the business to win i.e. to enable the business to do what its exists to do. There’s no point in having excellent security if the business is unable to operate. Good enough security is risk based, ensuring that security is proportional to the risk faced.


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